PayTM and Play Store Policies

Published September 18, 2020 | technology

Today Google has removed the Indian financial services, PayTM app from Google Play Store today for violating its gambling policies.

It also putforth some interesting issues and brought in lots of controversies.

1. Power of Platorms

Google and Apple have an operating system duopoly. You can’t upload an app store app in Google Play Store and vice versa. Both leverage this duopoly to control their own ecosystem. It is where the power of platforms are but in battle.

2. Real money gaming hypocrisy

Games of skill are allowed, but games of chances are not. In recent times, due to popularity of IPL, has aided the spawn of many real money gaming services, which position themselves as games of skill. Are they really a games of skill?

Google can take action, if an app involves real money.

Is it a battle between Google vs PayTM? Not yet.

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FIFS, an “industry body” that represents some fantasy sports firms (and over which Dream11’s parent firm has influence), claims it complained to Google to take action on companies that distribute or promote fantasy sports through Play Store.

Now is it between Dream11 vs PayTM?

3. The Hypocritical Google

As per Google’s statement, Play Store prohibits online casinos and other unregulated gambling apps that facilitate sports betting in India. Paytm, which has promoted a fantasy sports service within its marquee app, repeatedly violated Play Store‚Äôs policies.

Fantasy games are not allowed on play store, But they are being advertised on Google Search.

Google Pay has scratch cards that you obtain when you spend money using their app. This is obviously a game of chance, which shouldn’t be allowed as per their policy.

So far, it is been clear that Google Play Store policies is just a mess.

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